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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 136084 packages here.
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2018-04-22 jm-networking 1.0.4 A basic networking layer with async callbacks
2018-04-22 jmnetworking 1.0.0 A basic networking layer with async callbacks
2018-04-22 dmoj 1.2.0 The judge component of the DMOJ: Modern Online Judge platform
2018-04-22 lifx-photons-core 0.5.3 The core modules of the photons framework
2018-04-22 bethesda-structs 0.1.1 A parser for Bethesda's file formats
2018-04-22 pingparsing 0.12.2 pingparsing is a CLI-tool/Python-library for parsing ping command output.
2018-04-22 binobj 0.4.0 A Python library for reading and writing structured binary data.
2018-04-22 py-cryptonight 0.1.1 Python Cryptonight
2018-04-22 NL4Py 0.2.1 A NetLogo connector for Python.
2018-04-22 elkm1 0.3.5 Library for interacting with ElkM1 alarm/automation panel.
2018-04-22 morango 0.3.0 Pure Python sqlite-based Django DB replication engine.
2018-04-22 threaders 0.2.5 A small module to support automation of generating valid python variable names from external data.
2018-04-22 py_yahoo_prices 0.4 Get daily/weekly/monthly returns and prices of equities from yahoo's new tricky endpoint
2018-04-22 unionchat 0.0.2 Union chat API wrapper
2018-04-22 hublib 0.9.4 Python library for HUBzero Jupyter Notebooks
2018-04-22 elliptic-meshql 0.2.4 ELLIPTIc DSL Contracts for MeshQL.
2018-04-22 sqaod 0.1.1a1 A collection of solvers for simulated quantum annealing.
2018-04-22 spenc 0.2 Spatially-Encouraged Spectral Clustering, a method of discovering clusters/deriving labels for spatially-referenced data with attribute/labels attached
2018-04-22 geopytool 0.7.99 a tool for daily geology related task. visit for further information
2018-04-22 DataProperty 0.30.2 Python library for extract property from data.
2018-04-22 allianceauth 2.0.0 An auth system for EVE Online to help in-game organizations manage online service access.
2018-04-22 justml 1.0.0 JustML client library
2018-04-22 releasecmd 0.0.9 Release command for setuptools.setup which create a tag and push, and upload packages to PyPI
2018-04-22 mlbv 0.2.0 Command-line interface to streaming MLB games with a valid subscription. Game schedule and scores.
2018-04-22 github-docs-index 0.1.1 Generate a single-page index of documentation hosted in one or more GitHub organizations on and/or one or more GitHub Enterprise instances.
2018-04-22 pyinputedittext 1.0 Cross-platform package that allows editing text in console
2018-04-22 pmipy 0.12.21 A tool for my team.
2018-04-22 diffeqpy 0.2 Solving Differential Equations in Python
2018-04-22 Mopidy-Iris 3.17.2 A fully-functional Mopidy web client encompassing Spotify and many other backends
2018-04-21 git-gerp 0.1.1 git grep wrapper for arguments re-ordering, that can use options after filenames
2018-04-21 nyuclassesdl 1.3.0 a python library for automatically downloading files from NYU Classes
2018-04-21 python-susemanager 0.14a0 Python module for SuSE Manager API
2018-04-21 cs.ansi_colour 20180422 Convenience functions for ANSI terminal colour sequences
2018-04-21 continuum-mechanics 0.1.0 Utilities for doing calculations in continuum mechanics.
2018-04-21 pyharfbuzz 0.2.1 Python binding for harfbuzz an OpenType text shaping.
2018-04-21 ircmsgfmt 0.0.2.post2 A formatter for IRC network log
2018-04-21 mwtab 0.1.9 Parser for mwtab files from the Metabolomics Workbench
2018-04-21 aiohttp-json-rpc 0.10 Implementation JSON-RPC 2.0 server and client using aiohttp on top of websockets transport
2018-04-21 ec2-enc-check 1.2
2018-04-21 emoji2text 0.1.7 Can't handle emoji? Use this to treat them as plain strings, according to the description provided by unicode.

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